All Inspiralight shades are made to order, this not only allows us to produce shades of different size and style in any number of coverings but also tailor construction to meet your application need.

We use a unique three point mounting arrangement to mate with our custom large scale light fittings. This ensures secure mounting of the shade to lamp, allows flexibility of style and size of shade and produces a finished lamp assembly where all components are of correct scale and proportion.

A vast array of fabric coverings can be applied from fine silks to heavy embroidered cloths through to paper parchments or alternatively creatively printed PVC. For example corporate company logo’s can be applied for advertisement and promotional use. Translucent backing materials can be used in conjunction with lighter fabrics for good light penetration through the shade or opaque reflective linings applied such as white, silver or gold can be used for more intense radiated light from the ends of the shade or openings in the shade covering producing a more dramatic light and shadow effect.

We hold a small stock of shade frames for the shades found within the lamp collections of this website.

Please see the Fabrics page for further insight into the many shade covering possibilities.

Please note printed material must licenced if the copyright is not held.