Our Collection

This collection showcases just a small selection of lamps illustrating a few finishing options from an endless array of possibilities. Created from a combination of base component forms and a modular approach to our custom scaled light fittings Inspiralight can offer an endless array of styles and finishes as part of its bespoke service from a classic period look, through a host of contemporary styles to ultra-modern and minimalist.

Know what you want but can’t quite see it here, please give us a call we’ll be sure to help.

Inspiralight is also happy to undertake specialist commissions to develop a lamp specific to your decorative desires and illumination needs, producing a single unique lamp or numbers of identical lamps (for example as a form of brand identity). Working from a clean sheet we’ll apply our creativity, sound engineering skills and construction techniques that’s sure to delight you and your friends or customers.


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Outdoor Lamps